Sales organizations are on the verge of massive change.  Few want to face the inevitable– 80% of sales representatives will be eliminated in the coming decade or sooner.

I have spent a wonderful career in sales.  During it, I have seen changes incrementally implemented.  Perhaps the biggest change in recent years has been the emphasis on listening to the customer instead of simply “pitching” a product.  This has come to be known as consultative selling.  Listen and learn and then tailor the product or service to the needs of the customer.

The advent of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software like Salesforce has had the biggest technological impact on sales people.  However, CRM is scorned  by most sales representatives who love to talk to people and not spend hours documenting what they said and did on each contact or call.

All of this is about to change and I feel compelled to help sales organizations benefit from the massive shift in selling that is right on the horizon, right now.

Unique Selling Systems has been advising sales organizations across the country on how to help their sales people adjust to change in order to create more success.  Now, we are dedicated to helping sales organizations and people adjust to these changes so that they become more successful and do not become irrelevant.

We welcome your comments, ideas, and thoughts on your opinion of The Future of Sales.

Harrison Greene